What to pack: full kit summary for 10 months

Backpack Packing

Been on the move now for over 2 months and it's about time I detailed my packing list!

I'm splitting this into 3 posts, this post covering my full kit, post covering my remote working set-up and finally a post focusing on diabetes related items.



Wanting a large bag with detachable day sack I settled on the Osprey Waypoint 85 backpack, solid backpack with plenty of space if needed.

OSPREY Backpack

Bags in bag

After reading a few posts I came across packing cubes and the very good quality ones from eBags. Theses little beauties allow you to sub divided your bag to help your organize your kit, perfect for the over organized diabetic!

They come in a range of colors and sizes

  • 2 Medium Green eBags - cloths
    • 3 x boxers
    • 2 x shirts
    • 3 x t-shirts
    • 1 x shorts
    • 3 x socks
  • 3 x Medium Orange eBags - Diabetes kit
    •  See post (to be written)
  • Small Red eBag - Diabetes in use supply
    • See post (to be written)
  • Small Red Long eBag
    • A random collection of tablets, plasters, tiger bam, bug spray, anti septic cream, etc
  • Long Red eBag - electrical
  • Hardware pouch
    • Sewing string and needles
    • Duck tape for patching holes in Mosquito nets
    • Pen knife
    • Cable ties
    • Twisted washing line
    • Touch
    • Universal power plug
  • Misc items
    • Hoody
    • Shorts with zip on legs
    • Passport size pictures
    • Printout of insurance papers
    • Photocopies of passport
    • Paperwork is stored in a Aloksak Waterproof Bag along with digital copies on Google Drive cached on the phone
    • Playing cards
    • Loads of plastic bags - use as bins and to put random stuff in
    • Silk sleeping bag - stops the bugs biting you and all you need to sleep in most nights to stay warm
    • Quick drying towel - these are light and dry quick, ideal for traveling
    • Waking shoes - Merrell barefoot shoes while not true walking shores they are lightweight and strong, ideal for traveling
    • Sandals
    • Flip flops - I share these with kinga just for shower use, means we don't walk water around the room. Pickup a good cheap pair at a market for about 2USD
    • Wash kit - shared with kinga
    • LED keyring lights - clip onto your day bag and any important eBags
    • Rugged cases for mobiles
    • Kindle 3g - 3g model has a basic web browser what's great as email backup (not working for web browsing, Amazon may off changed terms of use - need to investigate)

I love my eBags

 What not to pack

There are some items that are just not needed, for example...

  • Mosquito Net - if you need one it will be provided. Better taking some duck tape to patch any holes
  • Cloths - dont go crazy here, you can wash as you travel and pickup cheap new cloths as needed. At times you will be wearing dirty cloths - deal with it


Well that's about it, there will be a few bits missed, feel free to ask any questions in the comments.


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