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Jelly Babies

Now back in Europe from travelling we are spending a few weeks in Warsaw, Poland.

One of the most important items carried on my trip where my hypo treatments. I'm a big fan of the Hypowallet with the GlucoTabs and Glucogel it contained. GlucoTabs tube is resealable, handy for quick glucose fixes at 4g of carbs per tablet and the Glucogel being very quick acting as a BAM fix of 10g of fast acting carbs when I'm feeling crappy and want a quick recovery.

While the Hypowallet is great, it's not a years supply (well not for me anyway!), therefore I carried a few wallets along with refill supplies. But even all of this was not enough.

In the last month of my trip and now in Poland I had to look for alternatives that I could access locally and importantly cheaply as our funds are now a little low.

My top finds...

  • Sugar sachets - In Myanmar breakfast was included at most guesthouses. This would come with the typical sugar sachets, at around 4g carbs per sachet and easy to carry theses where snapped up
  • Local sweets - while a little random what could be found with a bit of guessing of the carb value they are cheap and easily accessible. General rule, the cheaper the higher the sugar content
  • Jelly babies or the local clone

I have heard from many that they use jelly babies as their go-to hypo fix. At around 5g of carbs per baby or 2.5g for a baby clone they are commonly found plus cheap and have taken my number one spot as a hypo treatment and small carb boost when needed.

The downside for many is that one of these tasty little snacks is not enough and they often end up consuming the majority of the bag! I'm not a big fan of jelly babies, so not an issue for me!

I just need to keep an eye on my little nephew and niece stealing them!

Little monkeys stealing my hypo treatments
Little monkeys stealing my hypo treatments


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