Building a DIY Artificial Pancreas - update

What have I created!

Been a busy few weeks since my last post and thought it would be worth putting out a little update on what has been happening.


Pump Control

Hacking the Bluetooth interface on the pump to allow control via a mobile app has been put on hold. While I have an Ubertooth to allow me to perform all sorts of analysis I am suffering from "All the gear with no idea" syndrome. For now I have put this on hold to work on the CGM and Algorithm side and hopefully partner with someone more knowledgeable in this area who will be able to assist.


On the CGM front I have been hacking my way thought multiple transmitters to document the process to replace the batteries, removing the need to purchase a new transmitter every 6 months. After a few versions I now have something stable if it is a little scary looking.

This will be documented and posted soon.
v3 Transmitter
v4 Transmitter
v3 Transmitter and v4 Transmitter
Now with a working Transmitter I have been able to setup xDrip Hardware and Software to log my CGM readings. This has been a little erratic but I believe this is more due to me over calibrating my sensor and swapping phones - will change the sensor soon to confirm. I have also connected this with a Nightscout instance and linked to a Android smart watch with NightWatch - all very cool! Again, will be documenting this and posting soon.
xDrip App and Hardware
xDrip App and Hardware

Other areas

At the NHS Hack Day weekend event I was able to do a very unplanned presentation on my work to date and the #wearenotwaiting community and projects. While this was a little unfair as no work on this project was done at the Hack weekend and did not include any NHS data \ requirements it was the right audience to present too. While we are all familiar with organisations running hackathons and producing innovative new solutions, a patient representing a hacking community of patients hacking their own medical equipment to help manage their condition was not expected and a pleasant surprise. A projection of my Nightscout instance and explaining this is my real-time blood sugars data freed from the manufactures device was all that was required - the tech Girls and Guys just got it! Really its cool to look at, check it out:

After my Hack Day rushed presentation and with my guest blog post on Diabetes UK Website there has been a lot of twitter interest in the project, the #wearenotwaiting community and projects. This may result in some tech assistance and maybe even small amount of funding?

I am also considering how to make the Nightscount software and hardware setup more accessible to other less tech knowledgeable diabetics via a site that provides a Nightscount instance with an online community connected by location and skills to help with the hardware setup side (Apps, Phones, xDrip soldering, general support, etc).

So, a busy few weeks - at some point work will catch up with me and I will have to drop working on this full time. I will be publishing my work and talking to others as much as possible - while I can!

If you are interested in the Diabetic hacking community checkout:

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