When a Smartphone is too smart for a Diabetic

Half way through my work tour of APAC and now in Sydney. I'm struggling to workout what timezone I'm in let alone what one I have come from and the time (and day!) back at home. Why does this matter? I take my long adding insulin Lantus around 10 pm every night. I'm already having enough fun trying to track my quick acting with new food, stress and heat, last thing I want is to be running empty on background.


Setting an alarm on my trusty phone that sticks with me as if I required it to breath was my planned solution, but watch out... once your smart little Smartphone works out where you are it will set itself and alarms to that time.

So there goes that plan. I have always liked the timesulin cap to assist with this type of situation. The main win with the cap is to inform you since your last injection to avoid double dosing if you forget. But by quickly seeing if 24 hours was truly up / has passed is helpful.

Does not address the issue, but at least your aware and can adjust.

Now if only I can hack one to fit my pen model...


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