My new long term partner: Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Pump

Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Pump

Been a little quite recently as I have been busy getting use to moving from injections to an Insulin Pump.

I am now a month in and it has been an interesting experience! Here is a quick summary so far...

Damn Cable!

Having something always attached to you on a cable is very very annoying! I was originally pushing the NHS for a Omni Pump.
I love the idea of

the Omni Pump and the fact you get a new device every few days, this means your always getting the most recent technology. But, there was no persuading them and I settled for the Accu-Chek Combo.
While the cable is frustrating, as with anything in life you get use to it. Main struggle currently is finding somewhere to attach the pump, currently I'm clipping it to my belt what results in a few funny looks - but I'm cool with that!

Temporary Basal Rate

With Lantus, you inject and "trust" the insulin to release itself at the same rate over 24hours. The trouble with this is that you have no control over this Basal amount.
With Temporary Basal Rate on the pump I can tell it to reduce my Basal insulin for example by 20% for 3 hours.
This is great!
I often end up going for long walks, rushing around, full day of DIY. This would need me to snack often or risk having a low blood sugar and getting grumpy! Now I can reduce my Basal on the pump, was amazing to work out in the garden for a full morning without stopping or worrying!

Shockingly High Sugars

When getting setup on the pump, the amount of Basal set is reduced compared to your analogue insulin, Lantus for me. This resulted in my blood sugars going silly high for a week what made me very ill - this got back under control once I upped my Basal, but almost went back to injections with frustration.
Top Tip: if you think your Basal is too low just set a positive Temporary Basal Rate, for example +20% and see if things improve - but keep a close eye on your blood sugars!

I'm now starting to tweak my Basal throughout the day by having zero carbs meals and seeing how my blood sugars behave. Also, I'm starting to play with my second hand CGM - more on that soon!


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Sorry, have to say something like this!
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