I am the Diabetic Tamagotchi, playing with the Dexcom 7+

I am the Diabetic Tamagotchi

This has been a eventful few months, I am now settling in with my Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Pump its time to start tweaking my daily basal rate.

The Dexcom 7 Plus CGM

Awhile ago I purchased a second hand Dexcom 7 Plus off eBay from the US. While the unit is second hand the sensors are sealed so in theory clean and safe to use.
The unit comes in 3 parts:

  • CGM Receiver - kinda like a big pager
  • Transmitter - sends the data from the Sensor to the Receiver
  • Sensor - has a small wire that sits under the skin

While I do not agree with purchasing second hand medical equipment off the Internet, the cost of the new Dexcom G4 is £1000+ and with everyone in the US eBaying their old 7+ bargains are to be had, and I like a bargain.

Not a great start

Standing in the living room, with secondhand medical equipment and about to insert a device that looks like its from a horror film into me was not the most enjoyable experiences. Unlike the Accu-Chek Pump that fires the infusion set needle into you you have to insert the Dexcom Sensor needle yourself - the sensation of hitting your skin and pushing in was not enjoyable.

After this is a 2 hour calibration period until your blood sugars are displayed. Unfortunately I then had an episode of very high blood sugars over night that I'm sure confused the unit as the dreaded ??? was displayed. Determined not to waste my Sensor I kept checking my blood sugars manually and updating the device - it uses these readings to help calibrate itself.


8 hours later still no readings. While over breakfast with my mother I glanced at the screen and to my amazement I had a reading! Now, I cannot express how cool this is, for 19 years I have had to guess my blood sugar pattern and stab myself for a reading - now in front of me I had almost* real time information on my blood sugars. THIS IS AMAZING!

Now I can manage my insulin dose by counting Carbs with DAFNE, manage my insulin basal profile and boluses with my Pump and see my blood sugar trend with the CGM - I now have all the tools to manage my condition!

Fasting to track my basal rate had a new level as I could monitor almost in real time my body's insulin need. Amazing, and this is not even new technology!

But, there is always a but...

Unfortunately, I still have Diabetes and with all things that start great, limitations are found...

  • The device is unbelievably addictive, I am checking it constantly
  • *Results are not real time, it is estimated that the CGM is 20min behind your true blood sugar level - useful none the less
  • As my device is from the US it displays readings in mg/dl and not mmol/L as we are use to in the UK. With an app on my phone to do the conversion and a little creative labelling as you can see in the image I can live with this
  • While it has been said by users that the Sensor can last over its 7 days life, by day 7 it was hanging on to me by the wire - off it had to come
  • Sensors are £63 a pop - thats not cheap


After a lot of hunting I found someone selling their unneeded Sensors in the US, will grab them on my next trip out there.



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Sorry, have to say something like this!


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