Joomla SSO (Single Sign On) with mod_auth_tkt and tktcookie

Been wanting to get SSO working on the site for awhile to work with the Invoicing, Bugzilla and BackupPC systems. Joomla already has a database for accounts and the default security access of Joomla menus and pages are helpful - but how do I get Joomla to tell Apache once a user has authenticated?

Apache module mod_auth_tkt and a little unknown Joomla plugin called tktcookie hold the answer.


mod_auth_tkt is an authentication module for Apache, it reads a cookie on the clients computer and if the secret key matches the one Apache is expecting login is allowed. The tktcookie plugin allows Joomla to create this cookie after a user has successfully logged into Joomla, therefore Joomla logs the user in and passes the details to Apache - SSO!

Steps I followed...

Get mod_auth_tkt

On my CentOS box

{codecitation style="brush: bash;"}#yum install mod_auth_tkt{/codecitation}

In /httpd/conf.d rename 02_auth_tkt.conf to 02_auth_tkt.conf.old as we will load these details in httpd.conf

Edit httpd.conf

Note: the below can be added in the 02_auth_tkt.conf if you wish, this just worked well for me

Add the following line to the top of the LoadModule section to load mod_auth_tkt

{codecitation style="brush: bash;"}LoadModule auth_tkt_module modules/{/codecitation}

Add the following to your VirtualHost, this is your secret key

{codecitation style="brush: bash;"}TKTAuthSecret "change me!"{/codecitation}

Note! The TKTAuthSecret line must not be indented at all, I belive this is a bug with tktcookie where if the line has any spaces in front of it the key will not be read correctly.

Setting up .htaccess file

An example...

{codecitation style="brush: bash;"}AuthType none

Require valid-user

TKTAuthCookieName name for your cookie

TKTAuthDomain your domain

TKTAuthLoginURL http://url for your Joomla login page

TKTAuthIgnoreIP on{/codecitation}

Setting up Joomla

Grab tktcookie and install as a standard plugin

Enable the plugin and set the required settings, important points to note...

    • TKT Secret file - location of your TKTAuthSecret
    • TKT Cookie name - same as TKTAuthCookieName
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