Do you NEED a mobile?

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My trusty Samsung S3

Now back in the UK after almost a year travelling I have developed an interesting relationship with my Samsung S3 mobile.
While away I have the phone functionality turned off, now back in the UK I'm finding very little need to turn it back on.

Unlike must people my situation has swapped, other than always being connected I am now connected when I see fit, and I like it!

Let's think of a few reasons why I would need an always connected phone...


Work can contact me at any time

I don't want to be contactable 24/7, turning my mobile on now makes me a little anguish. Is this something new? I think not, we are all just use to it. What issue truly requires me right now? I'm not a surgeon.

Get voicemail if I miss a urgent call

I hate voicemails, really hate voicemails. I don't always answer my phone, I do other things you see other than wait for a call and when I do I'm mostly answering as I feel I have too. I even have an IFTTT recipe set to auto reply to anyone who leaves a voicemail a text saying it would be quicker to get in contact with me via email or (if they have to) SMS text.
Why would I want to listen to a long winded rushed voicemail, I prefer a thought out detailed email, if this is too much effort (and it normally is) the issue is clearly not important.

Company XYZ can contact me

Bank, insurance, suppliers, etc all have my email. My email is my to-do list with Mailbox, it's actionable when I want it to be actionable. If a company insists on a mobile phone number to contact me on or laughably a home phone number I will be looking at their competitors.

My clients need to contact me

My clients know to email me, as above Mailbox is my actionable list and if it's too much effort to email me it's does not warrant my attention.

So do I need a mobile? Yes I do!

Not for voice communication but as my go anywhere, in my pocket computer.
My mobile is my personal assistant, it...

  • organises me (Mailbox, WorkFlowy)
  • reminds me (, Google Calender)
  • finds and directs me (Google Maps, OSM+)
  • entertains me (Kindle, Play Newsstand, Podcast Addict, Music, FeedMe, Pocket)
  • teaches me (AnkiDroid)
  • and allows me to communicate and action my work (email, hangouts, Skype, whatsapp, LogMeIn, RD Client, LastPass, ConnectBot, Google Drive, AndFTP)

Many of these apps do not require an active Internet connection and with almost every location I'm in offering Wi-Fi it's easy to get connected when needed.

It's often beneficial not being able to get online, especially when on the move as this allows you time to focus on that blog post you want to write, book to read, emails to check, list to make or just too look out the window and maybe, dare I say, enjoy the company you are with. Not requiring a connected SIM card in my mobile also frees me of the limitations when travelling abroad as I have found myself recently. If I need to make an outgoing call Skype, Tu Go cover this.

My battery lasts longer.

The only reason I can say that a connected phone is always required is too allow family to contact me at anytime, the only people who I really care about. This will not work for eveyone, but its working for me.

Do you need / want to be always connected?



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