Mail in the "Cloud"

Over the last few years we have seen the computer industry in parts moving back towards the mainframe and client infrastructure. This has many benefits including but not limited to data access, backups, single point of maintenance, etc, but one of the most limiting factors in the past was decent internet access and the hosted infrastructure that could provide a feature rich and responsive user experience to compete against locally installed applications. Data access with the growth of ADSL in the UK has reasonable coverage, I believe in most cities you will be provided with connectivity to the internet at a reasonable speed and more recently

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8 years in the making...

I'm not sure if it only applies to the IT industry, or if it spreads, unbiased across all specialised fields, but when you provide a service to others, you always neglect your own needs. This is why my (trusty) desktop computer is still not running modern hardware and why this website has been 8 years in the making.

Now, this isn't an issue, one of the reasons I do this as a career is that I enjoy enabling others to make the most of their IT systems and not necessarily being able to devote my time to my own pursuits (although, I do wish I had that 160GB Solid State Drive that I recently installed for one of my clients).

Website – done, let’s get to work on the next item on the (never-ending) list...