BBC 6 Music – free promotion anyone?

As I’m sure you will know if you’re a fan of BBC 6 Music that the BBC is planning to axe the Digital radio stations 6 Music and the Asian Network as part of a ‘shake-up’. If you are not aware of the said radio station I would put a good bet on that you are now with the multiple sources of information you have access to.

Currently on Facebook I count 11 groups on the first two search result pages to protest about the BBC's decision and on Twitter hundreds of twits with the tag #savebbc6music – myself included.

This is a fantastic example of how our contacted lives allows the voices of many to be heard and I would also put a good bet on that the BBC will do a u-turn and not close Radio 6, after all we pay for it and decisionis now in public consultation.

But also look at it from this view, how many more people are now aware of this station?

Are we now a source of free promotion?

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