So, 11 months backpacking as a diabetic

Me & my cool Asian bag!

After (approx!)...

  • 20 - Flights
  • 26 - Boats
  • 15 - Trains
  • (No idea!) - Buses
  • 1 - canoe
  • 21000+ Miles around SE Asia

I'm struggling with highs and lows, to guess my carb intake, resisting the temptation of high sugar and processed carb foods - I'm still Diabetic, so everything is normal.

After a hospital checkup I can confirm that in a year...

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August in images

Temples Temples Temples!

As the post says, summary of August in images...

  • China is surprisingly expensive, as much for local and foreign tourists
  • They are also very good at over commercialing their tourist locations, what's a shame
  • Hey Burma! Could not think of a better country for the end of our trip!
  • Luckily for us the Government had only just stopped asking tourist to pay in dollars, so we paid the local price for trains, etc!
  • Old colonial railway in Burma is very, very cool and bumpy
  • Go to Burma, go there now!
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